Migrate from TinyMAS to Janus

This page provides a mapping of the TinyMAS features to the Janus features.

Because TinyMAS is not an organizational platform, only agent-based features are mapped. Of course you are able to update you code to use roles instead of hard-coded behaviors in agents.

The version of TinyMAS described on this page is the 6.6.


The following colors indicates the type of support by Janus of the features:

  • green: fully supported TinyMAS feature.
  • orange: supported TinyMAS feature by an extension or a specific kernel usage.
  • brown: supported TinyMAS feature, but hidden to Janus users.
  • red: discarted TinyMAS feature.

General Mapping

TinyMAS Janus
AgentBody see Jaak, or JaSIM.
EntityPerception see Jaak, or JaSIM.
Environment see Jaak, or JaSIM.
Influence see Jaak, or JaSIM.
Perception see Jaak, or JaSIM.
PerceptionBody see Jaak, or JaSIM.
PerceptionInterestFilter see Jaak, or JaSIM.
SituatedAgent see Jaak, or JaSIM.
SituatedEnvironment see Jaak, or JaSIM.
SituatedObject see Jaak, or JaSIM.
YellowPages define Organization in place.

Mapping to Agent Context

The following tables permit to retreive the Janus features in an agent context (Agent or Kernel agent) of the TinyMAS features.

Let Agent class extends RolePlayer, so that all functions available for RolePlayer are also available for Agent.

Let KernelAgent class extends Agent, so that all functions available for Agent are also available for KernelAgent.


TinyMAS Janus
Class Function
clearProbes() Agent
forceIdentifierStringRepresentation () Agent
forceIdentifierStringRepresentation (java.lang.String) Agent
getId() Agent
getNextMessage() Agent
getProbe() Agent
getSimulationStepDuration() see Jaak, or JaSIM.
getSimulationStepDuration(java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit) see Jaak, or JaSIM.
getSimulationTime() Agent
getSimulationTime(java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit) Agent
hasMessage() Agent
killMe() Agent
live() Agent
perSecond(quantity) see Jaak, or JaSIM.
registerService(services) Agent
removeAllProbes() Agent
removeProbe(name) Agent
sendMessage(agentId, content) Agent
setProbe(name, value) Agent
start() Agent
stop() Agent
registerService(services) Agent

External References

  • [1] TinyMAS website

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